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Is steel wood furniture good, what are its advantages and disadvantages?

With the progress of society, our standard of living is getting higher and higher, all kinds of existing furniture also blossomed. Today and share with you a very widely used furniture material: steel wood.

First , what is steel wood furniture?

Steel and wood furniture, wood (including artificial boards) for the board substrate, steel for the skeleton substrate, with a variety of furniture since the 1950s, China, a new product of furniture. Steel and wood furniture - the original refers to the "steel and wood" furniture manufactured by the businessman to expand the concept of "steel and wood furniture" has not been simply the use of" steel wood ". "Steel wood" is a "non-combustible" synthetic material, made of tables and chairs used in a variety of waiting rooms, restaurants, theaters and other public places, or made of small boats. Only those sold on the market for home use look much better than they are. There are also imitation wood grain that looks like real wood. The characteristics of steel wood furniture: simple geometric structure, simple steel and wood combinations and simple color performance, expressing the simplicity of steel wood furniture.

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Second, the advantages and disadvantages of steel wood furniture


Extremely personalized: the main components of modern metal furniture are mostly made of high-quality thin-walled carbon steel, stainless steel tube or aluminum metal tube with a thickness of 1 to 1.2 mm. Because of the thin-walled metal tube toughness, ductility, design can follow the designer's artistry, give full play to the imagination, processed into a variety of curves, curved beautiful shape and style. Quite artistic interest in the main frame of the metal tube and then with the wood and other accessories or ornaments skillfully combined with the full display of a thousand shapes, a thousand kinds of charm,pleasing to the eye. Many steel wood furniture shape is very unique, the style is also very avant-garde, showing a strong humanized style, and these are often difficult to achieve the wooden furniture.

Colorful: steel wood furniture surface finishing can be described as colorful, not only can be a variety of beautiful colors of polyurethane powder coating, but also the light can be seen in the chrome plating; can be a crystal bright vacuum titanium nitride or titanium carbide coating, but also titanium plating and powder spraying of two or more colors, reflecting the perfect combination of enhancement. And at present, the international popularity of K-gold plating and black gold plating process, more steel wood furniture grade and taste to a very high level. Steel wood furniture set use and aesthetic in one, some high-grade even has a collection value.

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Variety: steel wood furniture types and varieties are very rich, can be used in the bedroom, living room, dining room furniture in a full range. These steel wood furniture can be excellent for creating the different rooms in the family need different atmosphere, can make the home style variety and more modern flavor.

Lightweight: Compared with traditional sheet metal furniture, the addition of a steel structure greatly reduces the proportion of original sheet metal, and the weight drops significantly.


Few of the metal materials used are authentic stainless steel, and the welding position will oxidize and rust after a long time if not handled well.

In short, the perfect design with the perfect wood with the fundamental of a good furniture, which is also one of the reasons why the steel wood furniture gradually gained popularity.

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