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Why do you need a hammock on a family camping trip?

Summer is the most suitable season for camping and picnicking, so do we need to carry a hammock when preparing camping equipment? Here we need to know a little, hammock in the use of time is a condition, the prerequisite is camping, our perimeter has trees close together, if there are no trees, then hammock with no way to use.
Hammock is actually a very good rest equipment, whether it is day or night, lying in it is more comfortable than lying in the tent, for couples or singles, the hammock rest experience is better, and for the family, hammock is also an additional rest equipment, especially used to coax the child to sleep in a particularly advantageous aspect.

If you buy a smaller tent, then the hammock is also an extension of the sleeping space, family members can have a person to sleep in the hammock.

So what do we need to look for when choosing a hammock?


There are many types of materials for hammocks, the current higher quality material is 210T polyester spun silk, which is also commonly known as parachute cloth.
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Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of a hammock is mainly determined by the material of the hammock, the tear-resistant fabric hammock in our store, its weight capacity can reach 400 pounds, that is, it can sleep 2 people at the same time.


Here to remind you, summer hammock use mosquito prevention is a very important thing, only the mosquitoes will be blocked outside, we can sleep a good night.
Tip: For hammocks that are not made of mesh screen material, then please remember to bring along a bottle of mosquito repellent spray to prevent mosquitoes and bugs outdoors as well. Here it is recommended to carry a professional outdoor mosquito repellent spray, professional outdoor mosquito repellent spray is more effective when used outdoors, those household mosquito repellent spray, basically, can only be used at home, in the outdoors will not have much effect.


Why do we need to mention the strap here? In fact, this is mainly for the protection of trees, to protect the environment, the previous hammock straps are a rope, these thin rope straps are very easy to scratch the trees, and now the popular wide strip straps, can better protect the trees. Generally, the length of the strap is about 2 meters, its carrying capacity is twice as strong as that of the hammock, for example, the carrying capacity of the hammock above is 400 pounds, so the carrying capacity of the strap is about 400kg.


The zipper of the hammock must be used on both sides. When we are outside, we can use the zipper on the outside, and when we are lying inside, we can easily unzip the zipper to get in and out of the hammock.


The lightweight storage design allows you to set up your hammock and store it anywhere for a comfortable camping trip!
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