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Outdoor Climbing Rope

Outdoor Climbing Rope

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About this item

  • ATTENTION: Please note that the two included carabiners are only for daily use. They are not for professional mountaineering. Each purchase will get One Climbing Rope + Two Steel Buckles + One Carry Bag.
  • PREMIUM ROPES: Nice C climbing rope has adopted high strength polypropylene threads which is soft, abrasion-resistant, dielectric, floats, water resistant and lightweight. Each string has multi-strand inner core with 10 mm(0.39inch) diameter 10 mm(0.39inch). It offers enhanced flexibility that's easier to knot and untie, and work in all conditions.
  • MULTIPURPOSE USE: This rope works great for rescue work, caving, climbing fixed lines with ascenders and hauling loads. Excel in situations where you don't want the rope to stretch, such as when you are lowering an injured climber, ascending a rope, or hauling a load up with the rope. Low-elongation polyester sheath and core help keep you safe.
  • WEAR-RESISTANCE: This heavy-duty braid rope covered with multi-threads polyester fiber which has high strength. Ropes with a diameter of 10mm are for gym climbing, frequent top roping, figuring out the moves on sport routes and big-wall climbing. These styles of climbing can wear out a rope faster so it’s wise to go with a thicker, more durable rope. We value your safety.
  • EASY SETUP & CLEAN UO: Setting up the tent is very easy: just tie the tent onto the poles and insert the poles into the ground. Then fit the sand bag with sands to make it stable and safer. To store away, take off and fold up the tent and release the poles from the joints. Fit it into the carrying bag and you are done.  Clean-up is also easy: just wipe off with a towel or clean with soap and water.

Multi-purpose Use

This rope will help you in multiple ways when you enjoy outdoor camping and activities. For sure it will definitely help you a lot!

Especially, if you like climbing, no matter indoor or outdoor, this rope would be always the best choice for you. It's well-made in 13 strands high strength polypropylene inner core which ensures that the diameter is 10mm.

  • Climbing

You will have everything including a camping tent with you when you plan to go climbing, isn't it? When the night falls, you could enjoy the sky that appears to be filled with stars. The rope will keep your tent home secure and stable, and give you a safe and quiet evening.

  • Tent fasten and secure lines

You cannot imagine its hidden feature is lake boat berthing!As long as the boat's weight is within 2640lbs, leave it there without any hesitation.

  • Boat dock and berthing lines

Significant Features

  • 10MM Diameter Rope

     We are confident that this 10MM diameter static climbing rope is the best dimension choice in the market.

  • Heavy-Duty Stainless- Steel Thimbles Rigging
  1. Each rope comes with two stationary riggings, and each rigging comes with a secured ring that weighs 3.82oz.
  2. Each secured ring comes with a bolt, and please make sure the screw it upward until it's locked.
    • Pulling Force 1200KG
    1. Typical climbing rope's pulling force is about 909kg
    2. Our rope's pulling force is way better which is 1200kg


      • Currently, seven sizes of ropes are available, ropes length in terms of 32ft, 64ft, 96ft, 160ft, 230ft, 500ft, and 985ft ; Rope's diameter is 10mm.
      • Hook's dimension: 45mm W (One end) - 30mm W (The other end) x 97mm L ; Hook's diameter: 8mm


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